Conservation and Development of the Yangtze - Special Session


- 12:00



The Yangtze River is one of China’s economic axles. The Yangtze Economic Belt, covering 11 provinces, accounts only less than one quarter of the country’s territory but more than 40% of its population and economy. However, development demands in the past for a long time drain the region for natural resources and therefore bring about many environmental and ecological problems, challenging the region’s sustainability. Under global changes such as the warming climate, the Yangtze Basin and the Economic Belt faces more uncertainties and challenges. The Forum will be a indepth discussion on these problems and solutions


This special session is organised by:

  • Yongjun Lu
    Yongjun Lu, Prof.

    Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute

  • Yuliang Zhu
    Yuliang Zhu, Prof.

    Hohai University

The two organisers wil be assisted by this member of the Secretariat specifically:

  • Jie Chen
    Jie Chen, Miss

    Hohai University

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